Chiropractic Testimonials

"Hello my name is Onyeka and the chiropractor has blessed me because I have a disease called Ulcerative Colitis. It is a disease in your stomach and Dr. Erickson has helped it stay calm and I just want to thank him for everything because now I don't take my medicine. I haven't took it in 2 whole years. I just wanna say thank you Doctor Erickson. Keep doing what you love because God has called you to do this."

- Onyeka, 13 years old

"Our family was generally unhealthy, and I knew we needed to make some changes. We began care with Discover Chiropractic and our family has undergone some amazing changes! We are less sick, we spend more quality family time together, we have less stress, and are much more relaxed. This is the best decision our family has ever made!"

- Jim and Deb B. & Kids

"Since starting my chiropractic care plan my life has been impacted in the following ways....'I definitely feel more healthy. The talks included in chiropractic at discover life help to create a mindset surrounding eating, moving and thinking.'

Here's what I think others should know about Discover Life Chiropractic and Chiropractic in general...'Discover life is a very open office and the staff take time to learn your name. They care genuinely about how things are going, especially related to your health.'"

- Emily

"I think we all understand why we have the oil changed in our car engines BEFORE the engine locks up. Why is it we don’t treat our bodies with the same preventive maintenance that we treat our cars? In March of 2009 my wife explained to me the benefits of a new idea she had bought in to. She was seeing a chiropractor weekly in an attempt to stay as healthy as possible. She was getting regular adjustments not to feel better but to stay healthy day after day, week after week. I was a skeptic at first. For 35 years I’ve had back problems. For several years I’ve missed an entire week of work several times in any given year. 20 years ago I had back surgery and it did help for a while. I’ve tried doing the daily walks and the stretching exercises. I’ve tried the muscle relaxers and the anti-inflammatory prescription drugs. I found I was I living my entire life around what my back might like or dislike. I set a lifting limit of 40 pounds. I never sat in overstuffed chairs or jumped or ran or even jogged a short distance. Seven years ago I moved to a townhome community to reduce the chances of straining my back. Everything I tried over the years made very little difference in the strength of my back. Then in March of 2009 after spending 6 days in bed waiting for my back to heal again I started seeing the doctors at Discover Chiropractic. Through weekly adjustments I am now convinced that my spine is finally healing and becoming stronger every month.

On June 23, 2011 I volunteered to head up a project in my townhome neighborhood. There were 51 blacktop driveways that needed to be seal coated and I had a dream of making it a community project while saving my neighbors a little money. In early August I was finished with the project. We had moved and applied 146 buckets of driveway sealer. Each 5 gallon container weighed 60 pounds. That’s a total of 8,760 pounds of sealer. How is that possible for a 59 year old guy with a 35 year history of back problems? I can see only one explanation for the flexibility and strength that my back now has.

Thank you Dr. Jeff and Dr. Katie!"

- Jerry V.

"I suffered from chronic low-back pain and headaches. I tried everything! Other chiropractors, acupuncture, etc. Nothing seemed to do much good. My pain really limited my ability to sit or stand for long periods of time. Even sleeping was difficult. Since beginning care with Discover Chiropractic, my pain has lessened dramatically. I am taking less pain medication, and I have much more energy. I have even been able to join a fitness program, which I would not have otherwise been able to do. This has definitely made a difference for myself and my entire family. Thank you, Discover Chiropractic!"

- Tammy P. & Family

"I had pain in my right hip, and just felt fatigued, in general. I used a lot of Advil, and tried stretching, but I was still in a lot of pain, and losing sleep at night. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but your philosophy made so much sense--our whole family decided to “give it a try”. Since starting care, my husband is stronger, and in a lot less pain, and my hip pain is completely gone!! My kids are so much healthier; Jeff has had a complete recovery from his asthma! Dr. Jeff and Dr. Katie have changed our lives, and have become part of our family. I can’t imagine where we’d be without Discover Chiropractic!"

- Joel and Stephanie H. & Family